About Me

Jordana, aged 25, is just your average northern gal living in London, aiming to live a life based around telling herself "I need it in my life"
(that's what INIIML stands for if you haven't got there yourself already - I Need It In My Life, keep up!) 

You know what I need in my life? What I think we all need? Honesty.
Let's overshare a little. So, welcome to my space. No, seriously, welcome!

Welcome to the space for the bold, the honest, and maybe the slightly cringeworthy.

This blog was once upon a time a space I created with the intention of delivering all sorts of frugal fashion tips; the do's and don'ts of of styling; the lifestyle of a self-confessed shopaholic. But as most idea's of a 19 year old, it didn't exactly pan out that way... And I'm okay with that.

I wanted this space to be more than badly lit photos of me styling an online haul full of pieces I was going to send back the minute I had finished shooting, and leave some of you feeling 'less' because you might actually think I own everything. I can't be the only way to feel that way when I'm scrolling through my instagram feed and agonising over not having the lifestyle of some of my favourite 'influencers'? Right...?

Truth is, I have a lot to say about the world.
And if by sharing my musings of stumbling blindly through my twenties (and onwards) someone out there can relate, laugh or even cry along with me, I'll take that. And at the very least, I hope it can be mildly entertaining.

Don't get me wrong, fashion is a big part of my life. As is food, beauty products, travel (if I can ever learn to save)... after all, that's why we all follow so many of these influencers; so if by writing about something I love inspires someone else out there then I'm all for it! What I'm trying to say is, I'm not posting on here because it's my job, (I don't actually make any money from this) but because I want to be able to share with you the book I read the other month that changed my life, and if it changes yours too, that's a win in my book!

I'll swear, I'll overshare, I won't care. You have been warned. 


  1. Hi Jordanna,
    Do you still do personal shopping? What’s the best way to contact you?

    1. Hello, thank you for dropping by! Please send me an email - iniiml01@gmail.com - would love to chat x


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