Tuesday 28 August 2018

My Horoscope | 27th Aug


"You spend so much time searching outside yourself for answers — as though truth can only be found hidden among other people, as though it must be chased down, captured, mid-flight. You’ve moved through the world with attention and care, and you’ve gathered so much information already. Some truths do still live in the world outside you, but by now, you don’t need to keep searching for them. This is a week for looking to the feelings that live in your body, the stories you already know."

The Cut

I don't have the words to say how much this resonated with me. I am someone who constantly searching for 'more'; and why shouldn't I? The world can feel so small and cruel sometimes, surely everyone must reach a point where they look for something better, something 'more'. I refuse to accept that the mundane is the best we get out of life. I refuse to accept that all life is about is merely getting up and going to work, sitting at a desk for 9 hours, returning home and sleeping, only to do it all again - I will NOT accept that this is what life is.

But, in equal measure, I have realised how important it can be to stop and reflect on how far you have come and be proud of the steps you have taken, no matter how small. Living is no small feat.

Perhaps we should all just take a beat, find a seat outside and breathe. For now at least, you'll find me at my desk, grafting for a better future filled with more adventure, imagining instead I'm back in this chair, at home, dreaming of a better tomorrow.

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