Friday 13 July 2018

Dad Trainers and being and Immediately Gratified Millennial

Being classed as a member of ‘The Generation of Immediate Gratification’ has never rung more true to me in life than right now. It seems that my peers and I will gladly rent ourselves through to retirement in order to avoid being tied down and financially committing to somewhere that we can’t afford the deposit in the first place, and will only leave in a year’s time anyway when we piss off backpacking. Right now, for example, I’m in an entry-level job, despite my skills and experience, and I am starting at the bottom with a wage to match that doesn’t quite meet the cost of living in London (with my wannabe lifestyle choices anyway). So - rather than save up for a fancy car that I’ll actually never use, or a house that I’ll relocate from because I’m “terrified of commitment”, I’ll happily buy myself a new pair of trainers and feel fancy in those whilst I enjoy my avocado on toast; about the only thing at this moment in time that brings me a sense of success. Because as the old saying goes, you know you’ve made it when you’re able to do brunch – right? 
I don’t actually know where this whole avocado tag comes from to be completely honest – I suppose a summary or an example of how we Millennial’s frivolously spend our money and concentrate on living in the now, rather than saving some dream that, let’s face it, is most likely unattainable. I’m convinced that the older generation see all us young’uns as people with the bank balance of the entire cast of Made in Chelsea combined. When instead, I just don’t need a fancy hunk of metal with lights and four wheels to display my wealth like the older generation perhaps did. I’m a 20-something living in the era of immediate gratification, and since I can’t immediately get gratification out of just about anything else in life, let me God damn live and ENJOY INSTAGRAMMING THIS BRUNCH I CANT AFFORD. 
Maybe this is also why they’re so damn convinced that we don’t ‘care’ about anything these days. Actually, I just want to shout out that from what I can see MY generation are the ones trying to fix our predecessor’s mistakes and bring about change to not only our nation’s, but the worlds stance on politics; gender; sexual and racial abuse; environmental issues; animal poaching and extinction; health care; mental health awareness; immigration, the list goes on. It actually seems that we’re pioneering and championing a hell of a lot of changes FOR THE BETTER and actually, whilst I’m ranting – it’s pretty exhausting trying to change the world you know, so much so that someone could justifiably question why we even give a shit? Personally, I give a shit because I’m damn proud to be a part of this generation and it’s movement. 
I think there was once a time when the done thing was owning a house, and a car, and doing the marriage and babies thing – and whilst that may still be the living truth for some humans of my generation, it’s not something I see in my near future, and I know my friendship group and my aged 30-something colleagues concur with… And maybe that time will come to me one day my friends – but all I know is, that for right now at least, I bought a new pair of dad trainers to bring me a sense of fulfilment for the day, and I guess what I’m really trying to say here is; do you like them? 
A twenty-something, living her own damn life xoxo

| Dad Trainers, River Island, £42 |

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