Thursday 2 March 2017

Z A R A | SS17

I thought I'd share a few fitting room selfies with you all from yesterday's visit to Zara - hoping to get some actual shots of the pieces that made it home but the journey itself was eventful so felt the need to share.

So, Holly (my fabulous photographer and other half of iniiml), text to say that Zara had lots of new goodies in, so I thought I'd head across to check out the situation and do some light research - no purchases were to be made... but naturally, excitement took over and a fair few pieces made it home with me.

And like all good shoppers, I only wanted the 'iniiml' pieces, so naturally I needed a second opinion so I snapped some of my top pieces, whittled down to a few and then had every intention of returning the bits that my friends weren't really feeling the love for - UNTIL THIS HAPPENED.

So, I'm walking home with my rather large Zara bag, still mourning over the pieces that never made it out of the dressing room with me - when this woman and her daughter were walking towards me and I'm staring at this lady thinking, 'why do I know you?'... Now, I see a lot of people in my job, and quite often it takes my brain a little while to register when I see my clients out and about so didn't want to be rude in not recognising this lady. But this all just took a little too long in my brain to process and by the time I worked out who she was, she'd gone past me - IT WAS ONLY BLOODY MEL B FROM THE SPICE GIRLS!!

And in the rush of excitement of memories of singing into my hair brush every Spice Girls song under the sun at the tender age of 5/6, I rushed to get my phone out and call the one lady I knew would share my enthusiasm and memories of the Spice Girls nighty I had and continued to wear even once I'd outgrown it right into t-shirt stage - my mother.

Only I was in a bit of a tangle with my bags and headphones by this point and sadly, my paper Zara bag just ripped and it's contents dropped into a muddy puddle - and though not totally ruined, some pieces are no longer returnable... A very sad state of affairs.

Alas, here are some of the pictures I snapped from the comfort of the dressing room, before the whole paperbagmelB-gate.


J x

L I N K S  |  Blue and White Shirt, £29.99 | Red and White Shirt, £29.99 | Skinny Jeans, £25.99 | Pink Trousers, £29.99 | White Blouse, £25.99 | Navy and Red Top, £25.99 | Navy and Red Trousers, £29.99 | Black Ruffle Trousers, £29.99 | Dress, £39.99 | Red and White Sweatshirt, £12.99 | Denim Cut-Offs, £5.99 | Red Shoes, £19.99 | Grey Shoes, £55.99 |

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