Tuesday 6 December 2016

Throwback... Tuesday?

Today I'm trying to be productive to distract from a not very nice Drs apt I have coming up this afto, so, I've joined a gym. Yes, I joined from the comfort of my own bed and yes I'm still in bed at 11:37am but you know what - I have a 9 day straight run coming up at work without a day off and a pretty crappy day ahead, so I'm going to lounge in bed until I HAVE to get up and be as productive as one can be from her own bed.

So yes, productive task of the day so far was joining the gym and completing a few life admin tasks. I have no idea what I'm doing at said gym but I've joined so that should hopefully be my motivation to actually go and the rest I'll just have to figure out along the way. I don't have plans to particularly lose weight, just tone around the edges and get body confident - summer bodies are made in winter so I've been told.

I think on days like today when everything just feels a little 'meh', it's good to look to the future. But also, I think it's sometimes quite nice to look at days gone and see how far you've come. So I'll sit in bed a while longer, coffee in hand, plan my new year mini break to Europe, be proud of my joining the gym achievement and take a trip down memory lane.

Back to the point of this post anyway, since I'm still currently in my PJs and don't have any new content to share with you, I figured I'd try something a little different and share a post that I'm sure would have been blogged had I had a blog to post on from this day last year. Just a few pics from an afternoon trip to Mrs Atha's in Leeds, on 6th December 2015, for some coffee and pancakes! Mmmmm, a year on and I could still just eat those now.

Hope your day is looking to be a better set up than mine,

J x

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