Thursday 1 September 2016

A week in Pictures; Volume 1

Pinch - Punch - 1st of the month! And what an exciting month it's looking to be.

I have kept my promise to you and have actively tried to post a lot more onto my Instagram page and if I do say so myself, I really feel like it's starting to reflect something special - something I'm proud of - and I would like to thank the many of you whom have taken the time to share your thoughts of my blog with me and have indeed taken the time to share it on your own social medias. I am truly humbled.

Whilst my Instagram has seen a boost in content however, my wardrobe is still hugely lacking in 'newness', something I am desperately hoping to rectify this coming month. September sees an exciting time for me; the weather begins to change cooler to my beloved Autumn and my favourite stores and their collections in turn change to reflect the chill in the air as the nights begin to draw in. Luckily enough for me, September is also my birthday month! A birthday that this year will be celebrated at London Fashion Weekend with my best of friends. So what better time to spend my birthday money in the city I love; with the people I love; in the stores I love; surrounded by inspiration and fashion!!

I cannot wait to share LFW with you and I'll be filming snippets of the whole thing (and the shopping) to compile into a Youtube video for you all so you can feel like you're there with us. 


I will also have something a little different but very exciting coming up on the blog over the next few weeks so watch this space - I'm sorry I cannot give you any further detail than that at this current time but all shall be revealed I'm sure and it'll be worth the secrecy and excitement.


Here's to September!

- J x

[Outfits from start of post to end: Shirt - Finery London | Culottes - Zara (old) | Jumpsuit - Topshop Boutique (old) | Boots - Topshop | Pinafore Dress - Warehouse (old) | Shirt - Finery London | Trousers - Topshop | Shoes - Topshop]

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