Wednesday 17 August 2016

F a s h i o n | R u t

 So I want to start this post by apologising for my lack of content over the last few weeks... I know, I know, it's just not on, I've been slacking.

Truth be told, I've just felt a little uninspired at the moment by this transitional phase of fashion and I'm totally ready for cold weather so I can live in knits and boots.

I am not a warm weather person... Well no, that's not strictly true, I love warm weather I just don't like the clothes that go with it if that makes any sense?

This outfit for example.. The culottes fair enough are cropped and bare my hideously white legs (hence the sunglasses) that actually reflect the sun if anything... and I am wearing a t-shirt... But I just have a strong love for black and blazers and tailoring and I find it more difficult to nail my style in this warmer weather.

Don't get me wrong, if I had unlimited funds in the bank I'm sure I'd feel very different towards the situation, but sadly I don't have pennies to be buying new bits and as a result, trying to make a summer wardrobe out of winter bits is proving harder than it needs to be.

Can we all just agree that summer is over and waiting for this 'heatwave' we're constantly promised is slowly becoming more of a dread? Please? Just me then... I'll be over here... In autumn... Where it's cold... With my all-black-wardrobe and knitwear...

My second reasoning for my lack of content, is a balance of juggling a full time job with blogging. It kind of comes hand in hand to be honest with the aforementioned reasoning though a lot is down to my albeit 'poor' time management. Though I like to think of myself a very organised person when it comes to work, my social life organisation seems to be lacking... which for my employer I'm sure isn't a bad thing, but striking a balance of work and play is proving to be difficult in current times. However, I love a challenge, and this is one I plan on rising to.

Adding to the work/social life imbalance, my workplace has no air-con; resulting in a hot and sticky environment, and when you're running around dressing customers who're also flustered and sticky it doesn't make for the most glamorous looks come lunch time which is usually when I snap the odd insta-post. And by the end of the day, my short hair has become an actual pom-pom on my head and my makeup has melted off... so once I get home all I really fancy doing is eating copious amounts of cheese and pasta, washing it down with a nice glass of sauvignon and some choccies, though in reality I'm probably asleep by 8pm!

I'm telling you all of this because like you, I am human, and sometimes I really don't feel like I should be offering my style tips to the world with how I feel and look after a hard days work, and I've come to terms with that and have decided it's okay! What's not okay is my content disappearing...

My promise to you is this; I will try to be more engaged with my blog and Instagram content and assure you come Autumn/Winter16, this girl will be in her element - sharing with you all of my favourite layering top-tips and winter styling. Oooh, I'm getting excited just thinking about it! Watch this space.

- J x

[Sunglasses - H&M | T-shirt - Topshop Boutique (old) | Blazer - Topshop Premium (old) | Culottes - Topshop (old) | Shoes | Topshop, Gramercy £69]

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