Sunday 3 July 2016

S U N D A Z E | Reflection & Planning



Sunday's always feel such a half-day - don't you think?

The shops close early and pretty much everyone is either dying from a hangover from the night before; cooking and eating a roast dinner; or planning an early night if not all of the above. And I have nothing against it.. It's just that that's my life pretty much every night of the week if you substitute the roast and minus the hangover.
For many a Sunday is the day you spend wishing tomorrow doesn't come and resting for the week ahead.

Well, Sunday's for me have become the best kind of day, probably one of the most productive too. Generally speaking, Sunday tends to be my day off from work giving me time to plan for my blogging week. Usually not getting out of bed before 11am after catching up with my favourite blogs and browsing through the retail web to see what's new in, my early afternoon is spent planning with my 'Creative Director' and best friend, Holly Hamblett, and discussing content ideas followed by either filming a video or shooting a new post.

Today's Sunday features half a cup of coffee, Marie Claire's 'Dress Skinny' and my new planner from Oliver Bonas, to schedule all things INIIML over the next 17 Months - and if I do say so myself, it contains some amazing ideas so stick around and watch this space ;)

My evenings vary.

Noah and I try at least once a month to have a date night; some time just to enjoy each others company outside of the flat as just the two of us and maybe grab a bite to eat, some drinks or even a movie - tonight's plan.
Then there are others spent not quite so intimately: When working in retail finishing at the the same time as ALL of your work friends (especially so early as 5pm) is pretty much unheard of, so on these Sundays it's just nice to get everyone together, cook up some food or order in, maybe have a glass of wine or three.

For us retail lot, Monday's tend to be the quietest day with 'Manic Mondays' after a weekend off being the case for most in offices and the like. It's true, I guess there are times we envy you 9-to-5-ers (especially during sales or around the holidays), but in reality I know I'd be pretty miserable away from my shop floor and styling suite.

I love the excitement of helping someone express who they are through their clothes; helping someone to rediscover their confidence in fashion; and helping someone with a busy non-stop lifestyle to take a couple of hours out and have some retail therapy. I have genuinely nearly wept with excitement on delivery day more times than one, and have on most occasions cried alongside my clients in sadness, happiness and excitement.

It's so nice to have a day of the week with some purpose and time to reflect on it all and appreciate where we are and what we have. A new kind of Sunday and one in my personal opinion, better spent!

No matter your plans for this Sunday, make sure you enjoy it!

J x

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