Friday 3 June 2016

Z A R A | D E L I V E R Y

Black Patent Shoes: Zara £19.99 | Red Stretch Sneakers: Zara £29.99 | 'More Amor-Por Favor' Tee: Zara £7.99

How exciting, my first ever INIIML blog post and it's a successful Zara shop! 

I am currently laid up with a dislocated knee at the moment in a full leg brace (not the most glamorous accessory I can assure you) and crutches (also not the 'it' staple for SS16) so unable to get out and about to the shops which you'll come to know, if you keep in with my blog, is a huge problem for me. Anyway, I came to realise that in my current situation, I was in dire need of 'sensible' shoes - i.e. flats. 

Being only 5'2 with a baby face and an intense phobia of looking more of a child than I already do, flat shoes and I have had a tricky history. But, today, I am very pleased to share with you all that thanks to Zara, my love for flat and dare I say it - practical shoes - has reached new unforeseen heights. However, before I lose my mind and start raving about how excited I am to have found flat shoes that don't cause intense pain, I feel I need to explain the journey I have had in getting here:

Can we just have a moment here to talk about how difficult it is to find a FULL shoe at the moment that is flat?? Everything has your toes out, or your heels out, or both - unless it's a trainer! Not that I'm in any disagreement to this look, however, I am unable to wear such styles for work and wanted practical and sensible shoes that could spread across my wardrobe - in or out of work. 

Desperate to lay my Topshop MASTER boots to rest over the summer, I've been hunting high and low for such flat shoes with toes and heels inside that don't come in a white leather and with laces (trainers) with only slight success of finding these Topshop beauties here. I am partial to a loafer and know I'd get the wear out of them to justify the £62, but wanted to see what else was on the market at maybe slightly cheaper (though let's admit it, those loafers are still going to be joining my wardrobe in the near future). 

Close to giving up, and feeling rather sorry for myself having injured my leg, Zara came in as always with the answer to my prayers. Now I know what you're thinking - those red shoes look a little trainery - and yes, you'd be correct, they come from the trainer family HOWEVER at £29.99 and as stunning as they are I'm not too sure I care... added bonus, they're SO comfortable. I just know I'm going to be living in these gems for the rest of summer, I may need to get another pair as a backup. 

A little more on the practical side (for work) and not quite leaving my comfort zone of having some form of heel, these patent black beauties have saved my life in having some 'sensible' whilst stunning flats coming in at only £19.99 - THANK YOU ZARA. I have always had difficulty with having such wide feet, so I was doubtful at first that these would even be able to get onto my feet, let alone feeling comfortable - well... yet again Zara have me caught out because NEVER have I received an order with two pairs of flat shoes and fallen head over heels (excuse the pun) with both of them. 
I can't wait to style these with my favourite straight leg jeans or peg trouser and blazer combo - which may or may not have arrived in a rather successful Topshop haul that also arrived today... but that's a post for another day. 

Moving swiftly on to my last but not least purchase of my Zara shop: my 'More Amor - Por Favor' tee, which was an absolute steal at £7.99. Funny story - my basket only contained the two pairs of shoes at first, but once I got to the check out and saw that I needed to spend another 2p to qualify for free shipping, I went on the hunt for a bargain... Yes I know I ended up spending more in the long run, but doesn't it seem more justifiable to spend an extra £4.04 and get to keep a fab t-shirt out of it than wasting £3.95 on postage? Surely I'm not alone in this... I know there's more of you out there! 

Anyway, overall I'm pretty impressed with my first ever online Zara shop and absolutely amazed by the success of shoe shopping, perhaps Zara need to be my first point of call in future? Definitely the place to hunt for those bits that make you say 'I Need in in My Life'! Also, very pleased I finally have an injection of colour into my very monochrome wardrobe, who'd of guessed red eh? 

Thank you so much for reading my first ever INIIML post, 

J x


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