Thursday 30 June 2016

S A L E - S H O P P I N G | Shirts & Shoes

There's something powerful about today's look... 

 Sunglasses: H&M (bought in store, similar here). Jacket: COS (old but similar here). PJ Shirt: Topshop, £15 (sale). Jeans: Topshop, (sold out but darker colour here). Bangles: Daniella Draper. Bag: Topshop (old but similar here). Shoes: Topshop, £69. -- Photography; Holly Hamblett

Happy pay day everyone... is it just me or does it feel like it's been a life time since our bank accounts were at a balance we could glance out and not drop to the floor? Maybe after your pay day, you did drop to the floor!! Despite your bank balance, I hope you're enjoying sale season as much as I am.

It's far to easy when it comes to sale season, in my opinion, to panic buy... 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S REDUCED BY £25?!?!' isn't always a good enough reason to purchase. It's all too easy to get carried away at the saving on the price tag, rather than focus on the actual item and decide on if you NEED it in your life. We're all guilty of it. 

You may recognise the shirt I'm wearing from a previous Topshop haul as one I was debating to return. Well.. I did, only to find it had been reduced in the sale to £15, so I repurchased it at the sale price... My argument and advice is this; if you didn't love it enough to own it at full price, then ask if it was only the price that put you off. Is it an INIIML piece?

Well, today's look is mainly constructed from sale pieces. My darling Nana gifted me these stunning Topshop GRAMERCY shoes, and I'm in absolute love. Not even the blisters on my feet from breaking them in could taint my adoration for them. The classic cuban heel and sling back strap takes the shoe to a different level of class and my word you feel powerful wearing them.

J x 



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