Sunday 26 June 2016

P A I N T I N G | T H E | T O W N | R E D

So I'm finally free from my leg brace and crutches and have managed to venture out of the flat and into my beautiful city. It was so lovely to have some freedom to walk (admittedly still hobbling) around to enjoy a Costa* whilst watching some football in the sunshine at Millennium Square. 

I love the simplicity of this outfit; adding splashes of red to something so minimal in colour is a fabulous way to brighten up what could otherwise be quite a drab coordination. I'd love to tag all of these pieces for you but sadly although the majority are less than a month old, they've entered the world of sale and most are not sold out online. I'll list where they're from in case you fancy rummaging through the stores though; 

Clothes; Jacket - Topshop Premium (sale, £35) | Trousers - Topshop (sale, £20) | Top - Warehouse (v old) | Shoes - Zara (£29.99) | Bag - Warehouse (v old) | Sunglasses - H&M (bought in store) | Lippy - Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (£8.99, Hot Pepper) 

Jewellery; Daniella Draper - St Christopher Necklace (£110) | Stacking Bangles with Charms set (from £60) | Engraved Signature Bangle (£110) | Feather Ring (£85)

J x 

* Just adding in here what I had from Costa - I tried one of their new Ice Cooler drinks, the Double Chocolate Cookie Mocha and have to say it was really quite disgusting. I'm not one to get a drink and bin in but admittedly I only made it half way through this one and had to let it go... wouldn't recommend!! I'll stick to the fruity ones in future :) 


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