Monday 27 June 2016

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Reasons to love Primark - Volume One

Hat: All Saints, £30 (borrowed from the Boyf) | Jacket: Primark, £4.50 | Jeans: Topshop, £40 | Top: River Island, Old (but similar here) | Bag: Topshop, Old (but similar here) | Shoes: Whistles, No Longer Available (but alternative here) -- Photography by Kelsey Kearns

Can we all just have a moment to appreciate this jacket? I just think it's SO Isabel Marant - but nope! It's Primark. Would you believe it? And you wouldn't believe the price if I showed you the label... £4.50. £4.50?!?! HOW. How did this happen?!

I'm speechless. Not sure I have anymore to say on the matter. In fact... no. I don't.

Jacket. Primark. £4.50. Thank you!

J x


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