Friday 10 June 2016

I N I I M L | do you?

Having recently moved house, I've had a clear out of my wardrobe and believe me when I tell you it was so hard to let go. I've come to realise that I am a hoarder, desperately holding onto things that might come back into fashion... maybe my weight will change and I'll fit back into that... I will eventually get that repaired or specialist cleaned - and I know I'm not the only guilty culprit of this. Having a personal shopping background, I really should know better.

I am not talking about those pieces we all have to just lounge around the house in; I am talking about the pieces that you do actually leave the house in, whether just to food shop, go into town, meeting the girls for lunch, going out to party. Sorting through these pieces can make you feel like your whole wardrobe is new again - getting rid of the clutter and those random tops that you don't have a pair of trousers that still fit to go with them, let alone shoes - you can identify your style.

You simply need to ask yourself a few basic questions and be honest in your answers:
- When was the last time you wore this?
- Have you missed not wearing it?
- Can you actually see yourself ever wearing it again?
- Does it compliment the rest of your wardrobe?
- Do you feel good in it?

If the answer to those is no, then it's time to let go!

Personally - I take everything out of my wardrobe and chuck it all onto the bed. The only things that go back into the wardrobe are hand on heart pieces I know I still love and wear - and they all go back in order; a section for jeans/trousers/skirts/tops/dresses/jackets (actually I have a separate wardrobe for jackets but you see what I mean).

The 'Keep' Category
The bits that go back into the wardrobe first - staple basics that I live and die in, couldn't live without and have 100% worn within the last 3 months (or suitable season).

The 'Reminder' Category
The bits that I'd completely forgotten I owned, still love and still very much in fashion. These go back into the wardrobe confident that I'll be excited to wear them within the next 3 months (unless its a chunky knit jumper in the middle of summer, but again, you see what I mean).

The 'Sell/Toss' Category
The bits that you've just fallen out of love with. It's a sad sad day when those boots you loved so much when you first got them have been sat collecting dust because for whatever reason you just don't wear them anymore. It's time to let go. The pieces never enter back into the wardrobe. Instead, they're photographed if they're still in good condition and sold on either Depop or eBay. Sell it, toss it, charity shop it!! It doesn't matter, just find it a new home and get it gone.

Cut the excuses and be cut throat. There are pieces in your wardrobe right now that are feeling neglected and someone else could give them the wear and love they deserve. Let them go.

Good luck,

J x

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  1. I really need this post I'm such a hoarder when it comes to my clothes! This is definitely super helpful and will hopefully inspire me to be more ruthless - I'm always scared if I get rid of something it will come back in fashion!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog


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