Monday, 6 June 2016

T O P S H O P | H A U L

So as I said in my previous Zara | Delivery post, I've done a little online shopping with my leg currently being in a brace and being left on crutches. The online shopping resulted in a couple of purchases from Topshop - and by couple I mean a haul's worth. And what's a haul without a video break down?

Sorry I don't have any photographs of me actually wearing the clothes, I'm currently residing to my sofa rest my knee... But I promise when I'm up and running again (whenever that will be) I'll get some pics for you!

I'll list below the product codes with some links, so if you fancy purchasing anything yourself you know where to find it.

As promised, here are the items:

Denim Culottes, sale £38 down to £20 - 02C02JCAM

Grey boutique tee, £28 - 25T69IGYM

Petite navy trousers, £22 - 26T01JNAV

Petite black trousers, £22 - 26T01JBLK

Mustard 'cowl neck' blouse, £34 - 13G22JMUS

Pyjama blouse, £36 - 13Z33JNUD

Ochre top, £30 - 25T45JOCH

Ruffle top, £35 - 13Y22JWHT

White blouse, £32 - 13Z01JIVR

Blazer, £59 - 17B25JBLK

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