Tuesday, 14 June 2016

N E W - W A V E S | French Connection

'New Waves' for French Connection
All French Connection: Jumpsuit: £100, Stripe Top: £25, Patchwork Bag: £90, Boots: £110

I know we're only just coming into Summer, but I'm really getting excited for Autumn already. French Connection have captured my heart with these pieces, I really feel they're ideal for a cooler day-to-night transition thanks to the layering and can we have a moment to appreciate those gorgeous heeled boots.

Known for their classic basics, French Connection have once again done me proud. Even though they're a little pricier than my standard high street favourites, French Connection's quality is so deserving of that high price tag, as you know you're getting your money's worth.

Everything about this little collection I've put together is exactly what I'm looking for in a capsule wardrobe, mostly because you can wear each of them independently with different things and create a whole new outfit. You can never go wrong with stripes in my opinion, and paired with that stunning culotte jumpsuit (which deserves a post in it's on right) - added with these beautiful accessories - it's safe to say this whole ensemble is on my wish-list.

Definitely an INIIML look.

J x


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